Lexus Charleston Fashion Week is always jammed packed with shows. This particular year myself, Corie, and two of our team members worked on Team ABP (lead by Ashley Brook Perryman-Straubinger) doing makeup+hair services. Each designer has specific looks they want for their show and it is always fun for us to execute each of the unique looks. There are up to 5-8 shows each night spanning over the length of a week. They usually have a “model competition” during the show for the models walking in the shows, for the chance to win a scholarship.

Here we kept the skin very sun-kissed and added a vibrant pink lip.
This look was to be super clean and fresh on the eye because they would be wearing statement shades. So we gave them a bold lip to play off the glasses.
For this show we did simple male grooming – keeping them very natural while making sure the skin is even and then hair is perfectly in place.
This look was super fun! We kept the skin fresh, and them rimmed the eyes on top and bottom with white liner and white mascara. It looked absolutely beautiful up against models with rich melanin.
This was the entire Team ABP group that put together all of the makeup + hair looks for every model for every show. You can find our Vigilante Team Members tossed in the mix.

AUTHOR: Erica Ages